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The Birthday Triplets' 

Birthday Club


  Special Gifts For YOU!

   Once enrolled, you'll receive a PDF file containing:

  • Membership certificate

  • Coloring sheets

  • 8 x11pictures of each one of us 

  • (P.S. Did you know our creator is a former American Greetings artist?)

  • Best of all, you'll be included in our monthly birthday card! Check our social media pages during your birthday month. 



For families with multiples, please add the additional names and birthdays in the message box so each child receives club materials. Throughout the year, you may also receive special offers and surprises from Candi, Cookie, and Coco Birthday.

Anyone, any age, may join! Due to the number of requests, please allow up to 24 hours to process. Thank you!


Hip! Hip! Hurray! You're a member today!

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